Earith Parish Council

Public Notice

COVID-19 Pandemic – Social distancing and other measures

 The Parish Council is following official advice and cancelling all currently scheduled meetings and will be conducting business electronically until national restrictions are lifted.

Agendas, giving the date and business of a Council e-meeting will be posted on the Parish Council website (www.earithparishcouncil.org.uk), and emailed to the Newsletter Subscribers as normal. The Parish Noticeboard will not be used.

If anyone wants to make comments on an Agenda item, of the kind that would have been made during the Open Forum, they must make sure that they reach the Clerk the day before the e-meeting. That will allow them to be brought to Councillors’ attention in good time. Any such comments will be summarised briefly in the minutes in the usual way and if appropriate added to the agenda for the following meeting.

The Clerk can be contacted by email at


Mandy Pink (Parish Clerk)

Steve Edwards (Chairman)